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Feb. 13th, 2012

The Arrival of Magenta

And now I'm finally pleased to announce the arrival of our beautiful little girl Magenta Claire, after much fanfare and delay she arrived early on Feb 8 with a speedy labour for me, and has made a massive impact on our world since. Motherhood is truly the best decision I've ever made. Isnt she lovely?

Jan. 19th, 2012

39 weeks and counting

nursery ready

everyone in the family is excited

some more vocal than others

but we have plans to defeat them!

hopefully this will prove siamese proof!

not long to go!

Dec. 20th, 2011

And a little arrival around the corner

Peanuts now officially a pumpkin. 35 weeks this week and making her presence very known....its amazing to think that in such a short time she'll be here! OMG! Am very pleased to be back in Brisbane, surrounded by renos and a lot of boxes still but life is easier, as we surround ourselves with friends and family who care so much about us.

It's crazy to think that Christmas is just around the corner....wow. Its surreal and emotional dealing without mum here right now. Most days the last week i've found myself lost in the moments of remembering her final days and missing her SO much its ridiculous.

In dance news, the blossoms have a new home. An old home actually, returning to one of our favourite venues at Holland Park which will make term 1 so much easier, I'm handing the reigns to Gay while Peanut makes her arrival and we've been stunned at the response thus far from ladies signing up to the new term. Its great to see, its been a long time coming.

Work I'm counting the days. having mastered an accreditation in another course and about to complete my cert 4 in workplace training and certification, its nice to get this under my belt before I go on break for 6 months.

Anyway we got some pics done at 33 weeks... enjoy

Oct. 7th, 2011

Last term of the year...traveling along

And term four awaits around the corner...it's going to be an interesting time as I wade through the last parts of the estate, moving house, travels and study with work, oh and maybe some rest time too.

I went back to north Qld this week and gave some more guidance to the Townsville ladies. I'm so incredibly proud they have latched onto what we do, and have created a dance especially to showcase their new learnings. I'm hoping over time their confidence will grow into a love for improv, but am extremely impressed at how far they have come in such a short time!

Work has been busy, more study on the cards as the people I work with go off to find greener pastures....change and new energy are around us, I can't wait to see what the team will become and the new dynamic emerges.

We've finally reached an agreement with mums estate and I'm relieved to be able to move on, and close the book. I think personally I've not allowed myself time to wallow, or reflect as I've felt the need to keep my armor close during this stage.

Returning back to Brisbane is such an overdue relief. I'm looking forward to life getting easier, and being in reach of my friends who I adore, and lean on...and love.

Only a few weeks hopefully...

Oh yes and glass is back. I've already got ken interest in 2012 and I'm intrigued to see how life will unveil as I become a mother, and merge that into roles such as dancer, and facilitator and partner.

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Sep. 16th, 2011


Having family support around me right now is just what I need to get through. Vultures still nipping and all I want to think about is preparation for peanut.

My wonderful man and his little angel are both very very excited about her arrival (below is a pic taken at fathers day when we took him out for lunch)...we're 21 weeks now and showing!

And kicking too - this week at dance she made her presence very known...sqwee!!!

Getting ready to move off the mountain and back to brisbane, trying to take things gently as I can but feel like time is slipping away

I miss my mum ever so much and its been hard, especially at her birthday recently and missing the early morning call and catch up of her bridge adventures. she was such a sweetheart

Aug. 27th, 2011

Catching up....

Firstly...let me share what we got up to in Sydney


Improv is so heart-warming. It reminds me over and over the energy, the connection, the community and very reasons why I love this dance so much. Im SO damn lucky to dance with these women. really.

Sydney was a blast, Freemantle even more so.

I arrived very late Thurs night...hmmm maybe it was early friday morning and found myself surrounded by like minded souls who also deeply connect to GC. Had a blast meeting Subiaco, Perth, shopping and finding myself just really treated amazingly well...before we got to dance and dance! Delivered three workshops, to help them finetune their technique and get motivated...lots of interesting conversations about what we do, and what they do, and dreams of a weekend next year with my tribal sister Nina, where we can get all our GC loving tribes to connect!

I was also lucky to see Nina for a tiny tiny visit to Brisbane, accompanying her to Dr Zhivago (amazing) and of course finding time to drill in the loungeroom of her hotel. Nothing like a bit of dance time squeezed in :)

I came back and the week after flew to NZ for a whirlwind visit and a wedding of my man's friends....and of course got to sneak in some further dance time with Christine who I've danced with quite a few times here for Paulette's workshops. I love being able to travel and connect to other dancing women, share their space and hopefully inspire them to try something new!

Since then classes have resumed and we're almost at the end of classes in Mt Tamborine...and only a few weeks left in Brisbane. I've made a decision not to offer beginners next term given I still am unsure as to my exact whereabouts, and also the less reliance I can have on other people during my growing stage the better...I"ll need them next year when who knows where I'll be recovery and time wise.

Its interesting to take that step back, and give that time to my girls, and I guess wait for them to develop further their technique and mastery of this dance.

hopefully a quieter end of year. lets see what eventuates!

Jul. 15th, 2011

A new beginning

It's been a while since I've posted here, having been super busy firstly with soiree, then travel to Sydney to teach workshops hosted by the lovely Onyx tribal girls...seeing the thirst for that spark, that spice that warmth that calls to me :) is very thrilling.

Meanwhile I'm now just weeks away from travelling and teaching more workshops firstly in Fremantle, WA and then off to Auckland, NZ...lots of places to see that I've never ventured to before, and mixed with dance always makes my heart swell.

Classes are back this week, the resurgence of those familiar and wonderful faces just a great thrill to be able to connect again and journey some more...dancing with my troupe really confirmed for me why I do this...it's just wonderful to get that dance moving in your skin and be challenged and feel alive with each step!

Super glad also....to finally let the world in on our news....after such a challenging time I'm so pleased to announce we are twelve weeks pregnant! We are over the moon and quite awed now by how the world is responding in response, so many friends sharing their delight too...we went to the OB yesterday and saw our bub literally dancing on the screen, waving and going somersaults....filled our hearts with joy completely.

It's such an amazing time :) and I'm sticking fast to my belief that my mum spoke to the stork or me :) she's watching us :)

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Jun. 20th, 2011

life :)

its a funny time, our lives are about to change in a lot of ways....mostly positive, seeing things that we've been waiting for come to fruition, and balance and dreams come true.

I'm also waiting for the final parts of the estate to be distributed, which in itself is a life changing event. We'll be saying goodbye to our brief sojourn here, and finding our feet back in Bris vegas.

Its interesting as I cant pinpoint exactly how its going to reveal itself, but its a time of contemplation, of life falling back into its path....and my heart filled to bursting.

In a few seconds I went from one position....to another. The shock and surprise has worn off and now it's anticipation that is apparent. Sometimes... somethings are meant to be.

In amongst it all a lot of my dance goals for 2012 are on hold....more urgent and demanding interests will take their place which is understandable. I wish I could be in two places at once, but it wont be possible, so dance will take a back seat for me during this time.

Fate did have some plans for us after all :)

May. 30th, 2011

The cost to perform

Today's blog has been on my mind for the last few days....performances are coming out of the woodwork right now...sadly clashing dates mean we can't always be everywhere at once. But what about performances where you pay....and I'm not just referring to a kind donation for some cause or other, Or to cover costs? As dancers think we've all put in some small notes here and there...but recently we were asked to dance at an event in our town, for under four mins, for around $50.... Audience members will also add to the income, I'd expect they'd be paying $25 or so....a friend of mine out from town was asked too, her troupe size costing her $90.

So at what point is the line drawn?

Dance is not a cheap hobby, lessons, injuries, costumes, it's rare that we get a return on spend...but to then expect such contribution? Doesnt fathom enthusiasm in these trying times.

Meanwhile an event where we're excited about joining is this weekend....brissy's mini-Ekka kicks off at Carina and the blossoms will be heading there at 4:30 on Saturday. It's such a fun event, hope you can make it!

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May. 28th, 2011

Dee's Solo @ The Sydney Tribal Soiree - Feb 2011

Theres been a rush of solo gigs lately, which is kinda interesting for me as it poses the question for me as to why I dance....sometimes we just dont have the luxury of having our troupe in our suitcase when we travel, so does that mean we dont dance? Sometimes people only book one dancer....and then its interesting how we then have to interract more with the audience than our fellow dancer.

Anyway I really loved the vibe of the Sydney Tribal Soiree in Feb, and cant wait to get back there in June with two of my fave blossoms joining me, and on a whole other level, you know I'm proud of my dancing, I can see where my dedication, and my teacher's guidance has crafted where I am today...its such a journey, cant wait for the next instalment....which will be Feb next year!


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